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Whatever It Takes (WIT) Fund

The Chilliwack Mental Health Centre has established a fund through the Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation to raise donations that will benefit the health and dental needs of individuals coming to our centre struggling with a mental illness. Many people with mental health challenges live in poverty on less than $12,000 each year. Provincial disability often does not provide enough financial support to allow for the dental care or medical supplies that these individuals require for their continued well-being.

Chilliwack Mental Health has partnered with FVHCF to create the Chilliwack Mental Health Whatever It Takes (WIT) Fund. Our goal and hope is to be able to help our clients acquire the health care they need when no other resources are available.  As health care providers, we see the suffering that poverty brings to human beings, especially those who are marginalized due to a mental illness.


Last year we highlighted one example of our client “Laurie” and her challenge obtaining much needed dental work.

“Laurie” has severe periodontal disease, suffers from mouth pain, sensitivity, gum and bone loss. She has been told by her dentist that she will lose the remainder of her teeth within the year.  She can only eat soft or liquid foods and as a result has lost significant nutrition and weight.  “Laurie” has seen several dental specialists and been told she requires full extractions and dentures made.  Due to the compromised deterioration of bone loss she will also require implants to anchor the dentures, otherwise they will not be stable or of any use in her mouth.  “Laurie’s” disability coverage cannot come close to covering these costs which are upwards of over $5,000.  Without this dental work “Laurie’s” physical health will continue to deteriorate and may become life threatening. 

It has been through your generous donations that we have almost reached our goal to help “Laurie” raise enough money to have the procedure she needs.

It is through your generosity that we will be able to provide a fund that is sustainable and will assist those members of our community that are least able to help themselves. We are asking once again for any donations you are able to make to this very worthwhile cause.  

Thank you for your consideration and any donations you can provide to the CMHC WIT Fund will help bring hope and an end to much suffering to the people we serve.

 Volunteer Resources: $1,000

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