TB Vets Make an Impact at Abbotsford Regional Hospital

The Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation and Abbotsford Regional Hospital staff are gratefully acknowledging TB Vets Charitable Foundation for their donation toward life-saving medical equipment purchased in Abbotsford that has been vital in supporting patients in recent months.

“BiPap” stands for bi-level positive airway pressure used to help treat patients with progressive lung disease, often referred to under the umbrella term “COPD” or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The mission of TB Vets is to, “sponsor life-saving respiratory equipment for British Columbians of all ages”.

Mike McAllister, Clinical Practice Leader of Respiratory Services says:

“The Bipap V680 that was kindly donated by TB vets has been an essential tool for Respiratory Therapists at ARHCC to help patients with serious breathing difficulties. Every year we see more patients who need the breathing assistance that we are able to provide with the Bipap. Having one more of these units available means patients are able to quickly get the help they need. The Bipap V680 is also the first Bipap unit at ARHCC that is approved for use with pediatric patients. This capability is very timely, as we are seeing more pediatric patients with breathing difficulties being treated at ARH. Having a Bipap V680 is essential in stabilizing these patients for transfer. Many thanks to TB vets for partnering with ARHCC Respiratory Services, and providing a Bipap V680 to help ensure our patients, both pediatric and adult, having breathing help available when they need it. Your donation is greatly appreciated, by both the patients and Respiratory Therapy staff!”

The Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation raises funds for vital equipment and programs funded or endorsed by the Fraser Health Authority. They serve the communities of Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Hope, Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs.

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