Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre is a 295-bed health care facility that houses the acute care Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) operated by Fraser Health, and the regional cancer facility operated by the BC Cancer Agency.

The ARH Emergency Department (ED) sees over 44,000 patients annually, and is in particular need of support.  Items requested include booms, which are adjustable equipment on “arms” that are easy to maneuver around a patient’s bedside, and provides access to medical gases, electrical outlets, IV cords and monitors.  Other items like stretchers, defibrillators, diagnostic ECG carts and portable ultrasounds are also much needed.

Current Projects

Emergency Department

Vocera Communication Platform $400,000.00

Emergency Department - Pediatric

Murals $20,000.00


Starling Monitor $40,665.00

Medical Imaging

Ultrasound machine $150,000.00


V/S Monitor $6,500.00
Thermometers (5) $400.00
Massimo O2 Stat Monitor (portable) $7,000.00
Mini Telemetry System $9,926.00
Bili Blanket $7,800.00
Bili Therapy Light $6,400.00
Neopuffs $1,400.00


Servi N Ventilator (2) $49,142.96 each
Bili Blanket $7,800.00
Giraffe Omnibeds (2) $77.900.00 each
Accuvein Vein Finder $9,396.80
Bilisoft Bili Blanket $6,930.91


Temporal Thermometer (TAT- 5000) $575.00
Sleep Chairs (2) $3,130.00
Wheelchair $2,385.00
Breast Pumps (2) $3,000.00
Standing Upright Scales $650.00

Public Health - Audiology

AuD Pro Flex Portable Audiometer with the diagnostic DPOAE module $15,000.00

Cottage Worthington

Medup V2 Active Passive Total Body Bike $13,961.00

Mental Health and Substance Use

Mural $10,000.00

Holmberg House

Couch (6) $6,000.00