Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre is a 295-bed health care facility that houses the acute care Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) operated by Fraser Health, and the regional cancer facility operated by the BC Cancer Agency.

The ARH Emergency Department (ED) sees over 44,000 patients annually, and is in particular need of support.  Items requested include booms, which are adjustable equipment on “arms” that are easy to maneuver around a patient’s bedside, and provides access to medical gases, electrical outlets, IV cords and monitors.  Other items like stretchers, defibrillators, diagnostic ECG carts and portable ultrasounds are also much needed.

Current Projects

Cheam 3

Massimo monitor $18,788.00
Vital signs machines (2) $4,700.00


Procedure room $200,000.00

Medical Imaging

Ultrasound $150,000.00

Emergency Department

Glidescope Core $23,784.00

Operating Room

Laryngoscope Video Visionpro (3) $5,000.00


Bladder Scanner $12,000.00
Vein Finder $9,396.80


Breast Pumps (3) $4,720.00 each
Central Monitoring System (4 rooms) $52,824.00 each
Spirometer and laptop $9,331.96
Thermometers (14) $300.00
Mini fridge (Ambulatory Daycare) $300.00
Mural $20,000.00
Fabric deck awning $175,000.00
Infant scale $6,562.00


Vein Finder $1,000.00
Recliners (5) $8,599.00 each
Bariatric Recliner $8,830.00
Car beds (infant transport) (2) $300.00
Breast milk warmer (10) $1,425.00
Bath cart $3,000.00
Thermometers (14) $300.00
Sound decibel readers $1,915.00

Cottage Worthington

Murals $20,000.00
Ceiling Lift $23,488.24
Ceiling Lift $9,897.73
Ambient Activity ABBY System $55,000.00

Mental Health and Substance Use

Mural $10,000.00


Handheld Ultrasound $7,300.00