Mission Memorial Hospital

Opened in 1965, Mission Memorial Hospital is a community hospital that provides primary acute care services, including an Emergency Room that operates 24 hours a day/7 days a week, an Inpatient Medical Unit and Ambulatory Day Care, as well as laboratory and medical imaging services, four outpatient clinics and a Patient Assessment and Transition to Home unit, which eases congestion at neighbouring hospitals. The hospital is also home to the 10-bed Christine Morrison Hospice Residence and the Community Health Centre, which houses Home Health, Mental Health and Public Health programs. In 2017, Mission Memorial Hospital saw 22,611 Emergency Room visits, provided care to 1,302 acute inpatients and experienced 48,170 visits to ambulatory care.

2020 / 2021 Projects

CT Scanner

Lab Upgrade

Access 2 Part of DxH800 analyzer $60,000
Agitator Platelet $8,000
Analyzer Blood Gas Chemistry $10,000
Analyzer Cassette/Cartridge Reader Blood Gas, Lytes, Metabolites, Trop $10,000
Analyzer Cell Counter $50,000
Analyzer Coagulation $50,000
Analyzer Strip reader Urinalysis $15,000
Cart Electrocardiograph (2) $20,000 each
Cart Electrocardiograph $20,000
Centrifuge Cytospin $15,000
Centrifuge General Coagulation $15,000
Centrifuge Ultracentrifuge $10,000
Centrifuge $10,000
Chair Phlebotomy -Single, Adjustable (3) $5,000 each
Electrocardiograph with cart Accessioning 1 $25,000
Freezer minus 11C $12,000
Freezer minus 20C $10,000
Microscope Light Phase $20,000
Microscope Light $10,000
Microscope Light $15,000
Refrigerator Blood Component/Product $20,000
Double Refrigerator (2) $15,000 each