Recognize the arrival of the newest little person in your life

Baby Balloon Recognition Wall at Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Spread joy and honour your precious bundle of joy with a Baby Balloon at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) and support the maternity unit. Your participation in the Baby Balloon program will be helping to ensure that every baby born at ARH has the best start to life.

Launched in December of 2014, the Baby Balloon program features a mural adorned with ribbons and balloons. Local artist Dean Lauze painted the mural with funding by Jack and Sielinde Konning in memory of their daughter. “The baby balloons are inscribed and displayed on painted ribbons”, explained Liz Harris, Executive Director, Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation. “It is our wish to have the ribbons extend around the corner, through the maternity ward and into pediatrics”.

Funds raised from the Baby Balloons go to supporting the needs of the maternity and neonatal intensive care unit.  Balloons come in four colours, blue, pink, green or yellow; the small balloon is a donation of $150 and the large balloon is a donation of $250.

Butterflies are also available for in-memory recognition.

Contact us today by email at or call 604 851 4890 if you have any further questions.