Donations at Work

Thank you for helping us purchase much needed equipment at your local hospital.


Regional EPI/ADTP Soil/Flowers     Funded
ARH Cardiac Bladder Scanner 1 $16,445 Funded
ARH Breast Health Blanket Warmer 1 $5,025 Funded
ARH Breast Health Automatic Door Opener 1   Funded
ARH ICU Portable DVD Player 2   Funded

Breast Biopsy Machine at Abbotsford Regional Hospital
Purchased with funds from Crystal Gala Foundation

Echocardiogram at Chilliwack General Hospital


CGH Maternity Baby Weighing Scale 1 $419.94  
CGH Surgery Lymph Node Biopsy 1 $51,000 Funded
CGH Micy Vital Signs Monitor 1 3,400 Funded
CGH Medicine IV Therapy Cadd Pump 1 $4,800 Funded
CGH Entire Hospital Digital Signage   $32266.85 Funded
CGH ICU Blanket – Hypo/Hyperthermia 1 $20,000 Funded
CGH ER Chest Compressor 1 $19,000 Funded
CGH Medicine Endoscope 1 $21,000 Funded


MMH Medicine Vital Signs Machine 1 $2,626,29 Funded
MMH Landscaping Irrigation, gravel, flowers     Funded

Ultrasound Machine at Mission Memorial Hospital
Purchased with funds from Mission Health Care Auxiliary

New bus to transport residents of Fraser Hope Lodge around to activities


FCH Fraser Canyon Hospital & Fraser Hope Lodge Bus 1   Funded