CT Scanner at Mission Memorial Hospital

The ultimate objective of the project is to get approval and funding to construct a new CT Scan suite that will support the service delivery flows and projected service volumes of the Mission Memorial Hospital (MMH) catchment area. 

The FHFM Capital Project department has been retained by the Project Sponsor to generate a Feasibility Study to assess the opportunity to add CT scanning service within MMH campus. The feasibility study will review the clinical and infrastructure requirements of the objective, and propose recommendation(s).

The outcome of the Feasibility Study will form the basis of the scope, initial budget and schedule of the project.  The basis will inform the Business Case, which development will be led by the Project Sponsor for submission on approvals and funding support.

The below section identifies what is understood to be the scope of the Feasibility Study, as required by the Project Sponsor. Revisions to what is contained within this document must be approved by the Project Sponsor before the project team is authorized to proceed.

In Scope

  • Completion of Functional Program to review clinical service requirements based on projected service volumes.
  • Develop equipment list. Preliminary cost sourcing for equipment should be completed to support budget projection.
  • Identify location opportunities of the new CT Scanning Room within MMH campus.
  • Review constructability of identified potential locations; conduct further testing (survey or geotechnical testing) if necessary.
  • Obtain consultants to review current site infrastructure and identify additional infrastructure requirement for the new installation.
  • Concept design
  • Obtain cost consultant to develop budget projection

For more information on this project, please email us at info@fvhcf.ca

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