Mission donates $377,500 to CT scanner project

Mission Memorial Hospital is getting a CT scanner.

During his speech at the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual Christmas luncheon on Dec. 8, Mission Mayor Paul Horn announced that the city, thanks to the Forestry department, has donated $377,500 to the Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation to complete the CT scanner project.

Horn, said Mission had a “bountiful year in our forests,” as part of his A Christmas Carol-themed speech.

Council supported the one-time donation from the Forestry Reserve to support community efforts to secure better access to diagnostic imaging in Mission.

“With this contribution, the community has been able to reach the fundraising goal for the CT Scanner and other key resources,” said Horn. “We want to see continued investment in local resources. By supporting groups like the Fraser Valley Healthcare Foundation and MATH, we are telling the province and the region that we are serious about modernizing our healthcare capacity.”

The grant money will be used toward fulfilling Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation’s commitment of $1.3 million to fund a CT scanner in Mission, as well as the purchase of additional medical equipment.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, Mission All Together for Healthcare (MATH) society, and donors who have worked tirelessly to raise funds to bring a greatly needed CT scanner to Mission Memorial Hospital, I want to thank the City of Mission for a generous contribution to this campaign,” said Elizabeth Harris, executive director, Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation.

“The gift allows us to finalize our commitment of $1.3M and make the CT scanner a reality,” she said. “We are grateful to Mayor and Council for this early Christmas gift to the community of Mission giving them better access to highly effective diagnostic imaging that will help improve the services people count on, closer to home in the community they live in.”

Mission has managed the Tree Farm License #26 since 1958 and has regularly used profits from timber harvesting to fund local community projects. Recent projects include funding toward the Boswyk Seniors Centre, a portable mill for woodworking students at Mission Secondary School, and project costs for the Centennial Park tree lighting.

The CT scanner project was approved by Fraser Health at the end of 2021 as the provincial government announced $7 million in funding for the scanner.

However, $1.3 million still needed to be raised by the community for ancillary equipment. Hardworking groups like MATH and FVHCF raised more than half of the money.

In April 2022, the fundraising campaign received a huge boost during the local Vaisakhi Mela celebration.

Developer Sukh Grewal surprised the crowd during the event by making a personal donation of $550,000 towards the CT scanner.